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We're No. 3! No, wait, No. 1 & No. 2!

Updated: Apr 4

On March 26, Amazon's list of best-selling books in the category of Landscape Photography had Seacoast Scituate By Air at number 3! And in Aerial Photography, it was number 4! It won't last, but we are happy.

Copies are now available at Buttonwood Books in Cohasset at Shaw's Plaza on Rte. 3A. And note the great article about the book in the Scituate Mariner here. It was on page 1 of the March 24 print edition. Such a great gift to enjoy the beauty of Scituate's coast.

P.S. On March 31, the book's ranking went even higher. We're bragging now because the rankings change a lot (hourly) over time.

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