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3d Cliff links, photos, miscellaneous

For On a Cliff: A History of Third Cliff in Scituate, Massachusetts

Talks about Third Cliff, click here

Article about Third Cliff in South Shore Living magazine, Jan. 2019, John Galluzzo, “Dreaming of Life on Third Cliff,” 78-79, Copy here.

Third Cliff and Rivermoor in Scituate, my old website with historical information and photos

Continuation sheet for Form B for 141 Driftway, Scituate. A recent example of my documentation work. You can find the Form B for this fascinating old house in the MACRIS database.

About the author, click here.

"Rivermoor, the early years. 1900-1918." A Google map with layers showing growth of housing. Click here.


Eagle on tree at southern point of Third Cliff. Courtesy of Jackie Braga,

Video interview (two parts) with residents, Oct. 2001

Video 1:

Video 2:

Ernest Hodgson, American pioneer of portable houses, had a portable house on Third Cliff.

See chapter 12 of the book, and this short video with Hodgson's grandson,
"Discovering Hidden Treasures on Cape Cod: Hodgson Houses," here.

IMG_20211201_0015-detail, Sand - Gravel operations from 3d Cliff point.jpg

Can you guess what this is?

Detail of family photo, courtesy of Don Corey, taken about 1975 from southern point of Third Cliff. View of Colman Hills, with Boston Sand & Gravel operations at docks along brook leading to North River, at high tide. Conveyor belt (shown in center of photo) brought sand from Colman Hills over the Driftway to barges waiting at company docks. See additional images in chapter 2 of the book.

"... remembering how the big freshwater bottomless pond on the BSG site was a big attraction even for a town blessed with many beaches. People would either rinse off the salt water off of them or spend the day in the much calmer waters of the pond."

     -- Francis Murphy, 1/1/22 email, former resident of Second Cliff, Third Cliff, and Minot Beach

Think you know about Native American heritage in these places? Check out this great article: Mark Jarzombek, “The “Indianized” Landscape of Massachusetts,” Places Journal, February 2021,,


Here is a summary of growing up on Third Cliff in the 1950s and 1960s, by Robert Allan 3/27/22.

I moved to 71 Gilson Rd at about 1 year old in 1953 and grew up there until I left the area after graduating from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 1974. My parents Robert and Elaine (Jackie) Allan resided there until @ 1994 or 1995. We were close friends with George and Doris Hauman and she cultivated a love of art and handicrafts with me as a child. As an enterprising young lad, I worked at Scituate Country Club as a green's keeper's helper, had my own lawn mowing business and as a 10 or 11 year old I would go down at low tides and collect Irish moss in burlap bags and bring them back up the cliff to be taken down to the harbor for sale to Mr Rouseau for $.02/lb. My mother was a special education teacher in the Scituate elementary school system and was well known through out Scituate. ... It was an amazing place to be a kid!

What are your stories?

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