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Check out these great beach towels from my friend and illustrator John Roman:

The towels feature a great map of Scituate including Third Cliff.

I love this article about Peggotty Beach from long ago: Will Irwin, “Togo, Mayor of Scituate: A True Dog Story, Illustrations by Henry J. Soulen,” The American Magazine, vol. 78, no. 2, August 1914 (New York: Phillips Pub. Co., 1914), 11–16 & 83–86,

Scituate Town Library - link to old newspapers and town reports is halfway down the page here

MACRIS (Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System) - online documentation of historical buildings and other resources

Contact me to learn more of my documentation on file in MACRIS, including:

  • a summer estate, Meadow Crest

  • a one-room school now used for a brewery

  • a farm field dating to Colonial times

  • headquarters of suffrage organizations in Boston (listed elsewhere on this website)

Continuation sheet for Form B for 141 Driftway, Scituate. A fairly recent example of my documentation work. You can find the Form B for this fascinating old house in the MACRIS database (see entry at top of this column for a link to MACRIS).

In late 2023, VistaPrint shut down its WEBS service, violating its promises to provide free websites “forever.” As a result, the following websites I created are available only in limited captures by the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, which are linked to below.

Third Cliff and Rivermoor in Scituate, my old website with historical information

Town Reports are online. They included printed tax valuation lists about every 10 years, including 1896 and 1906. Yearly lists in handwritten ledgers are in the Town Archives, and have more information than the printed lists.

More old family photos of the Welch family, on my old website, here.

Massachusetts Humane Society on Third Cliff, Scituate, my old website with historical information

George Lunt, my old website with historical information about an important and controversial figure (1803-1885) in Massachusetts history. He retired to Scituate and gained federal funding to improve the town's harbor.

Library of Congress, so many great photos and collections, website

And now they have the great, detailed insurance maps of the Sanborn Map Company, for 1908, 1918, 1926, and even 1939. Start with 1918, here, and see "More items like this" at the bottom of the page.

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