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Check out these great beach towels from my friend and illustrator John Roman:

The towels feature a great map of Scituate including Third Cliff.

If you like the book Summer Suffragists, you might want swag -- T-shirts, pens, mugs, tote bags and more. I like Vistaprint for my business cards, and they seem to be able to accommodate your wishes for swag. (I get no benefit from your orders, I just like them. But just be warned that I am getting more junk emails lately, perhaps by dealing with them, so keep your junk filters up.)


Here's how to get your swag.

  • Download the book cover at right (which I used for business cards) by clicking here. It's a PDF file with high resolution. Vistaprint seems to eliminate the small white margins at left and bottom.

  • (or email me for variations of the book cover)

  • Go to Vistaprint's website,

  • Pick your swag and upload the book cover (or create your own design). You may need to re-size the image.

  • Order and enjoy!

  • (Optional) Let me know how you make out. Send photos!

Lyle Nyberg_first, c2x3-5, card 5.jpg

Below are some examples. (You may see me wearing the T-shirt at some point.)

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