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Ditches in Salt Marshes

Here at Third Cliff in Scituate, Massachusetts, where the North River meets the sea, we have salt marshes. And we have questions about those ditches in the marshes. What are they? How old are they?

We have some answers, more questions, and a whole long bibliography. Click here to download this. Latest version is 7-31-22. Past versions were 7-26, 7-24, 7-20, 7-16, 7-11, and 7-8-22.

And here is a draft form submitted for inclusion in the Massachusetts State Cultural Resource Information System. It incorporates most of the early version of the bibliography.

Left: Second Cliff (top) and Peggotty Beach in 1968. Note straight ditches off creeks in marshes. Source: Town of Scituate, Town Archives, CGL-134.

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Above: Salt marshes at Westport River, MA. Photo by William E. Richardson, Gary M. Banks, 2022.