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Still slogging in Scituate

Now I am 5/6ths of the way through Beatrice's letters to her husband, up to July 1919. Looks like they are definitely divorcing. She still loves him, though. And what about the three children? They and Beatrice had been staying with her husband's parents in Chicago. For the summer, though, they are all back to Barber's cottage on Second Cliff in Scituate, MA.

Just my notes on the letters are 38 pages and counting. When I finish reviewing the letters, then I will have to condense what I learned into readable prose. I hope I can do it in a few pages. Tell you what, though, there is interesting stuff here, from a century ago, that has not been published before. And Beatrice was a powerful and popular lecturer for women's rights, and later, during World War I, for women's issues.

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