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The book is out, as you probably noticed from the Home page, and available for purchase at Amazon. There is a print version (paperback) and Kindle version (pre-order now, available August 26).

The book is timely, since it arrives just about 100 years after the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the vote.

It's a big moment for me. I started it over a year ago and worked on it ever since. I had a "final" (I hate to use that word) manuscript by about July 1 this year. Then I spent six weeks, with a lot of terrific help, in getting it into publishable shape. (See my previous posts.) But when it happened, it was fast. I uploaded to Amazon about 7:00 pm 8/19, and it was published on Amazon about 2:00 pm 8/20. Compare that to traditional publishers, who often take 9-14 months from when a final manuscript is submitted. So, I am happy with the speed of the process and the quality of the result. I hope readers like it too!

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